service principles

  • All clients are unique and should be recognised and respected as such
  • In all aspects of arranging the provision of the Vitaline service the interests of the client will be paramount
  • Vitaline management will ensure that all staff are made aware that their working environment will at times be within the clients home and that this should be respected as such
  • Vitaline management and team members will ensure that the Service is delivered in a creditable and professional manne
  • The dignity and self-respect of clients will be telecareed at all times
  • Clients have basic rights to personal fulfilment, dignity, autonomy, individuality, self esteem, quality of experience, personal protection and choice. These rights will be recognised and respected
  • Clients have a right to express their views and wishes about the delivery of the service. Their views and wishes will be respected
  • The client’s right to confidentiality will be preserved and any personal information including information which, could benefit the care given to the client, will not be disclosed unless agreed with them
  • The client has the right to complain and will be informed of the procedures to be followed should they be dissatisfied with the Vitaline service. In turn, Blackpool Vitaline will have procedures established to monitor and respond to any complaint. The staff team will follow these procedures at all time

Service Targets

Vitaline undertakes to:

  • Answer 90% of all emergency calls within 30 seconds of them being received and the remaining 10% within a minute.
  • Action 100% of all emergency calls within 1 minute.
  • Provide a Mobile Responder response to all emergency calls within 20 minutes